The Commission

Westlock Regional Landfill (main landfill south and east of Westlock) is under the direction of the Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission, not the County of Westlock. It is comprised of members from the Town of Westlock, Westlock County, and the Village of Clyde.

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Regional Landfill

The Waste Commission is responsible for the Westlock Regional Landfill.  The landfill is a Class II Municipal Waste Facility and under the management of a Commission Manager.  The landfill operates under the Alberta Government Code of Practice for Landfills.

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Recycle Facility

In addition to a landfill on site, the facility also has a recycle facility.  They can take Cardboard, Paper, Tin, Metal, Electronics, Paints, Tires, Used Oil, and other items for recycling.

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Updated Information

Welcome to the Waste Commissions new web page.  We hope to be able to keep you informed on items, issues, and updates happening at the Westlock Regional Landfill (Waste Facility).  Keep coming back as I will work on providing the information to help you with your waste handling needs.


Westlock Regional Landfill will be closed Easter weekend from Friday March 30th until Monday April 2nd.  We will reopen on Tuesday April 3rd.  Thank you for your understanding.

Also, as spring approaches, please remember to sort your waste as you are loading it so you can unload in appropriate places.  For example, metal together, paints together, recyclables together.  That way it all does not end up in the landfill.

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Easter 2018- closed