The Commission

Westlock Regional Landfill (main landfill south and east of Westlock) is under the direction of the Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission, not the County of Westlock. It is comprised of members from the Town of Westlock, Westlock County, and the Village of Clyde.

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Regional Landfill

The Waste Commission is responsible for the Westlock Regional Landfill.  The landfill is a Class II Municipal Waste Facility and under the management of a Commission Manager.  The landfill operates under the Alberta Government Code of Practice for Landfills.

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Recycle Facility

In addition to a landfill on site, the facility also has a recycle facility.  They can take Cardboard, Paper, Tin, Metal, Electronics, Paints, Tires, Used Oil, and other items for recycling.

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Updated Information

We are asked often what all can I bring to the landfill to recycle.  Here is a  brief list for you, you can get full details by clicking on the Recycle Facility link where you will find flyers you can download.

We accept for recycle:

paper, plastic (#1-7) no film, rinsed tin cans, cardboard, electronics, used oil, oil filters and jugs, propane tanks (no larger than 30Lb), metal, compost, tires, paints, and triple rinsed pesticide containers.

Please no garbage, diapers, plastic bags, wood items, in the recycle facility and remember to sort them please, as we do not have staff to sort it.  NO GLASS!!!

We accept for safe disposal: (may be an extra charge associated with this)

Household hazardous waste (not commercial), Fl bulbs, car batteries, AAA, AA, D, C, Etc batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Always ask the scale attendant if we can take something and where it should go.  Thank you

Current Fees



The progression of the recycle building expansion is going well, they are telling me the building will be done end of August, due to weather, we then have to install the sorting table and plastics shredder, so things are moving along smoothly.

We have also  completed our Hydro Vac Truck dumping station.  This is for vac trucks to dump their loads in order to meet Alberta Environment requirements.  What this does is provides a legal place for all hydrovac trucks to dump, not sewer waste, other than dumping in fields and sloughs, which is illegal.  Rates will be $25 peer tonne.  With what we have seen, we will have to modify the site some in order to accommodate the large amount of mud coming in, but we are working in that and hope to have a plan here soon..

Recycling keeps increasing, that is great, the only bad thing is the market crashed so we are losing money, but still better then landfilling it.  Our focus is to keep these materials out of the landfill and not necessarily to make money.  Keep up the good work community.

On site transfer station.  We have added to our transfer station, had to put some railing in to meet Health and Safety standards.  It is anticipated that by this fall, residents and small commercial loads, will not be allowed to dump at the landfill, primarily for safety reasons.  So we ask that when you load your vehicle that you make the size of bags, boxes, etc, so you can lift them at about hand rail height.  Again, this is due to safety standards and to help control the volume of vehicles to the landfill.  thankyou

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