Recycle Building

We have installed a recycle baler into our recycle building.  We can now bale and ship for recycling, paper, cardboard, plastic and tin.  We accept all of the above items in the recycle building.

Recycle Centre Guidelines brochure

Recycle Centre Guidelines

Recycle items

We handle paint, electronics, used oil, metal, pesticide containers,  and tires for recycling.  Along with the regular things like Cardboard, Paper, Plastic (1-7s), and Tin cans.  We ask that you sort your office paper from regular news print please.  Also, please clean and rinse the plastic and tin cans, prefer no lids.  WE DO NOT TAKE GLASS DUE TO SAFETY ISSUES AND LACK OF MARKET.


We shipped out three loads of recycles, paper, cardboard, and tin.  It is starting to show that you are concerned about what is going into the landfill as this will more than double the amount of these items we recycled last year, good job.

So I keep hearing how much money we must be making from our recycling.  Well lets look at what we do make. for the first three loads sent out we spent over $1150.00 on trucking and received just over $1,950.00 in revenue.  So we made about $800.00, but this does not include the cost of power to run the baler or fork lift, nor labor costs.  I estimate they were only about $1500.00 in total, so we lost about $700.00 or so.  But that said, we sent off over 55 tonne of materials, so about $12.75/tonne cost, which is about $57/tonne less than it would have cost us to landfill it. Well worth the time and effort, I say.

Recycling works if you take all into consideration, just remember that one cubic meter of landfill costs about $100.00 to fill up, and one tonne of cardboard can take up to 3 cubic meters of landfill space.  so then there is a whole different calculation for the savings.

VILLAGE OF CLYDE, did you know your recycle materials are not being taken to your own regional recycle centre here at the regional landfill?  We ask that you separate the cardboard as best as possible, and the rest can go into the blue bag.  NO GLASS or COMPOST.  Click the link for more information.  Thank you.  Village of Clyde Acceptable Recyclable Items

Other Recycle items

Refrigeration units.


Please do not throw these into the landfill.  They contain gases that affect the Ozone layer.  We have a place you can put them for our contractors to remove the gases and dispose of it appropriately.  We just ask that you remove all foods from the units prior to disposal.  This includes Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Air Conditioners and Freezers.  thank you.